Staff support Charity Week with three challenges

To support the ARCA and ATaC charities, staff will take on the challenge of three sport marathons

To support the ARCA and ATaC charities, most of the staff will be taking part in three diferent sport marathon challenges.

The challenge for the ARCA/ATaC team is to play a sport continuously throughout a working day. So, during the Charity Week the team aim to complete a table tennis marathon, a darts marathon and a bowling marathon.

These challenges may be more challenging for some, as there are a few team members who have never thrown a dart or held a table tennis bat!!

The team’s progress can be followed throughout the week at

The team's efforts are to fundraise to support the charities – Mesothelioma UK, which is a national resource dedicated to supporting people with asbestos cancer, and The Indee Rose Trust, which helps children, and their families, who have been diagnosed with a brain or spinal tumour.

You can support the team by donating at