COVID 19 update - HS&E test centres close

As test centres close CITB look at temporary testing products and discuss options with CSCS.

Last week the CITB announced that all Pearson Vue HS&E test centres would close from Friday 20 March until further notice.

CITB have now suspended testing throughout the Independent Test Centre (ITC) network from Tuesday 24 March.

In response CITB have developed some free of charge products to help employers run in-house interim testing to give a level of local assurance to help the employer to determine if an employee is safe to work on their site.

The CITB plans to introduce temporary LITE testing products, as well as test delivery guidelines.

These Lite tests will be available via an app and should be available soon.

Information is available here  

CSCS Cards

CSCS and CITB are currently discussing options for using the CITB Lite test as a means to issuing a temporary CSCS card (valid for 1 year).

CSCS will be publishing details regarding this in the next few days.

Please check the CSCS website and CSCS COVID 19 information page for details.