ATaC's RSPH Qualifications: Setting the Gold Standard in Asbestos Training and Certification

By utilising ATaC's exclusive RSPH qualifications, UKAS-accredited laboratories providing asbestos testing and surveying services can be assured that their training complies with current UKAS guidance and accreditation criteria for analysts and surveyors.

Developed in partnership with the prestigious Royal Society for Public Health, established in 1856, these qualifications offer industry-leading asbestos training tailored specifically for UK professionals.

The comprehensive course offerings cover surveying, air monitoring, laboratory analysis, project management, and the dutyholder role. RSPH's specialised focus on asbestos sets them apart from other providers.

ATaC provides maximum flexibility by offering both remote training with in-person assessments, as well as fully face-to-face instruction at our nationwide network of practical training centres. This blended approach increases access to our industry-leading courses. Notably, exam results are provided within 10 days of the assessment completion. The options for remote or in-person participation combined with rapid result turnaround demonstrate our commitment to making these gold-standard RSPH qualifications readily attainable for asbestos professionals.

Notable features include Ofqual regulation, hands-on practicals at dedicated centres, and independent assessors. These advantages demonstrate RSPH's premier qualifications.

Our unmatched expertise translates into superior training:

  • Assessors are TAQA qualified in education and training
  • Conducted under ISO 9001-certified systems
  • Assessment incorporates practical elements
  • Live decontamination unit (DCU) training with actual DCUs
  • Realistic enclosure work scenarios

In summary, RSPH sets the gold standard for asbestos qualifications. Tap into ATaC’s expertise and connections to certify your personnel to the highest level. Together, we can ensure your teams acquire the requisite knowledge to perform their duties safely and to peak industry standards.

Asbestos Surveying (Level 3)

Gain the fundamental skills and practical knowledge to identify and record asbestos. Critical for managing building safety during occupancy, renovation and demolition. Aligned with the Surveyor's Guide requirements.

Asbestos Air Monitoring & Clearance (Level 3)

Learn procedures for inspecting and testing worksites to ensure regulatory compliance. Covers sampling, analysis, and clearance protocols outlined in the Analyst's Guide.

Asbestos Dutyholder (Level 3)

Get comprehensive training on asbestos management, protecting staff, and fulfilling legal obligations under Regulation 4. Help organisations improve asbestos oversight.

Asbestos Lab & Project Management (Level 4)

Satisfy the UKAS need for a qualified Competent Person overseeing labs/projects. Specialised knowledge enables full oversight of asbestos works from start to finish.

"I gained invaluable knowledge...the remote format worked perfectly for my schedule. I'd strongly recommend it for the competent person qualification." - Andrew Pasquale, Cavendish Laboratories

RSPH qualifications meet stringent Ofqual, Lab 30, and RG8 requirements - providing an excellent CoCA alternative.

Start your career journey in asbestos management with ATaC's premier RSPH asbestos training and qualifications. Our unmatched expertise will set you on the road to success.

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