ARCA / ATaC Staff bring back the bike for Charity Week!

ARCA / ATaC staff are taking on a 480 mile cycle on an exercise bike in the office from Rayleigh to Glasgow to support Charity Week.

For the first Charity Week in 2016, ARCA / ATaC staff cycled the distance between its furthese training facilities, covering 480 miles from Glasgow to Rayleigh on an exercise bike in the office.

After a rest from the bike last year, the team decided it was about time to cycle back up that hill to Glasgow!

On Monday 10th September the team will start to make their way back to Glasgow and continue throughout the working week, completing before the end of the day on Friday 14th September (hopefully!).

It's going to be a challenge ... but the team are determined to reach Glasgow!

The ARCA / ATaC team would appreciate your support ... donations can be made at